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Precision Instrument Co.

Precision Instrument Co.

Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Products range covered by PIC's manufacturing programme consists of Solenoid valves and Air Filter cum pressure Regulatores used in induastrial process industries and OEM plants and equipments.

Solenoid Valves :
A range of compact Solenoid Valves covering all types in standard sizes and material of constructions are manufactured by Precision Instrument Company. Specially designed valves for specific applications are also our forte, for example, pulse valves. A short overview of range would be as follows :

Sizes : From 1/8" to 4" with screwed [NPT(F) or BSP (F) ] or flanged end connecting depending on size/type.
Types : 2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way.
Operation : Direct Acting, Internal Pilot Operated, Servo and Semi Pilot operated.

Material of Construction Available : Most preferred by the market are forged brass, cast steel, cast bronze and S.S investment casting. Also available on request are cast iron, cast aluminium, & EN8-SS.

Temperature limitations : upto 180 degree C.

Pressure Limitations : upto 30kg/cm square.
Both limitations depend upon material constructions used in the valves.

FCBP's :
These products are available in sizes of 1/4" & 1/2" NPT(F) screwed end connection in aluminium barstock bodies.
The design is made such that the flow verses pressure drop characteristics facilitates minimum "regulator droop" enabling quick stability of the output controlled pressure.
Choice of filters are available in ceramic 50 microns and sintered Bronze 2 to 50 microns.
The output pressure ranges available are :
0 to 2.5 kg/cm square or 0 to 4 kg/cm square or 0 to 10 kg/cm square.
Precision Instrument company also has miniature range of integral FCPR's in sizes of 1/8" & 1/4" with or without piston drain facility. These are very compact, easily handled and very economical in cost to the users compared to the conventional type of regulators.